Paid Sick Days Delayed! Sign the Petition!


After over 25 organizations came together to win Paid Sick Days for over  50,000 working people in Pittsburgh earlier this year, the Restaurant  Association partnered with 5 local businesses to try and shut down the  legislation.

Sign the petition to have the lawsuit dropped!

Due to the lawsuit, the start date for Paid Sick Days has been delayed from  January 11th, 2016 to March 10,2016.

This lawsuit is an attempt by corporate lobbyists–partnered with only 5 local    businesses–to take away the rights and benefits of thousands of working people  and families.

We need to stand up and fight back against these lobbyists and employers who could care less about building strong communities, healthy families and a healthy city. The Restaurant Association wants nothing more than to line their pockets with the hard earned money gained from the sweat of working people.

It’s time to tell the Restaurant Association and these local businesses that Pittsburgh has had enough! We want good, family sustaining jobs. We need Paid Sick Days!

Sign the petition to have your voice heard! 


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