A Guide to Paid Sick Days

Check out this article by Karen Baillie that highlights everything you need to know about Paid Sick Days!

The effective date of Pittsburgh’s new sick leave ordinance has been posted — January 11, 2016. This summer, Pittsburgh City Council enacted a new ordinance which requires employers to pay employees up to 40 hours of paid sick leave each year. Council invoked its authority under the Disease Prevention and Control Law (35 P.S. §521.16(a)(c)), and stated that “employees who have access to sick time are more productive and less likely to come to work ill and unfit to perform their job[s].” Further, according to City Council, “many of the workforce members who lack access to paid sick days frequently have contact with the general public, posing a high public health risk and increasing the likelihood of transmission of communicable illnesses.” . . .

The specifics of the Pittsburgh Ordinance:

Covered Employers. Any entity that employs one or more persons “situated or doing business in the City” is an employer.
Excluded Employees. Four groups of employees are excluded: (1) independent contractors; (2) state and federal employees; (3) any member of a construction union covered by a collective bargaining agreement; and (4) seasonal workers. Seasonal workers are those who are hired for, and notified in writing at the time of hire that they are hired for, a temporary period of not more than sixteen weeks during a calendar year.
Effective Date. The new law is effective 90 days after required notices and regulation are posted. The Controller’s office posted notice October 12, 2015 and fixed the effective date as January 11, 2016.
Accrual Rate. Employees accrue one hour of leave for every 35 hours worked.

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