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This morning, the Pittsburgh City Controller released the notification poster for Paid Sick Days, starting the 90 day countdown clock for the legislation to become effective. An educational campaign to alert workers will kick off at noon as members of the Pittsburgh Paid Sick Days Coalition will hand out fliers in Market Square and during the evening rush hour to alert workers that starting January 11, 2016, all employers in the City of Pittsburgh must offer employees paid sick days.

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Using the hashtag #CountdownPGHSickDays, share your story on social media about the positive impact paid sick days will have in your life, for your family and in your community.

IMG_11041 A City-Wide Effort
 This summer, our coalition of over 25 organizations as well as  Councilman Corey O’Connor, Councilwoman Natalia Rudiak,  Councilwoman Deb Gross, and Councilman Dan Gilman worked  together to pass Paid Sick Days legislation that will benefit the lives  of over 50,000 working people in Pittsburgh.

Now, City Councilman Corey O’Connor and City Controller Michael  Lamb join us in celebrating Paid Sick Days, improving working  conditions and bettering our city and communities.

“Workers need to know they have this right and not be worried about using these benefits” added City Controller Michael Lamb. “It needs to become standard practice and the only way that happens is if workers, employers and everyone knows about paid sick days and uses them when they need them.”

Barney Oursler, Executive Director of Pittsburgh UNITED, said that “We commend our City Council and Mayor Peduto for passing legislation that protects the public health of all Pittsburghers. Workers who can take off when they are sick help promote healthy families, healthy communities and a healthy economy. In every city where Paid Sick Days has been implemented businesses and the community alike have been overwhelmingly positive about its effect.”


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