Pittsburgh City Council passes paid sick-leave requirement (Post-Gazette)

By Robert Zullo / Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Over the objections of business groups and warnings that it may be exceeding its authority, Pittsburgh City Council passed a law this morning requiring all businesses in the city to offer paid sick leave.

Council members and supporters, including Pittsburgh United, a coalition of unions and nonprofit advocacy groups, heralded the law as a common-sense measure that will prevent an estimated 50,000 workers in the city who lack paid sick leave from having to choose between having to come to work ill or sending their child to school sick and losing a day’s pay.

“It’s something that was definitely needed,” said Councilman Corey O’Connor, who steered the legislation from introduction to passage in less than a month, framing the law as a public health measure.

The law, which Mayor Bill Peduto intends to sign, allows workers at businesses that employ 15 or more people to accrue one hour of paid sick leave for every 35 hours worked to a maximum of 40 hours. That leave can be used for an employee illness or injury or that of a family member.


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