Pittsburghers Weigh In on Paid Sick Days Act (WESA)


Good For Business, Bad For Business: Pittsburghers Weigh In On Paid Sick Days Act

Pittsburgh City Council got an earful at a public hearing Thursday on paid sick days legislation. The measure was put on hold by council last week to allow for amendments and a public hearing.

The most visible attendees were pro-sick days legislation, though several came to represent the other side.

“We strongly oppose this legislation,” said John Graf, president and CEO of the Priory Hospitality Group and a member of the Northside Northshore Chamber of Commerce, which he said represents more than 170 small businesses. . .

Nikki Liu of Service Employees International Union 32BJ clarified that paid sick time won’t be given to every employee off the bat, but that it must be earned and accrued.

“Implying that employees are going to abuse it and not earn it is a complete fallacy,” she said. “An employee has to work 90 days before even starting to use their paid sick time, as the law is written, and they have to work 35 hours to accrue even one hour of paid sick time off.”

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